The Department of Commerce has been functioning since the inception of Vidyasagar College of Arts and Science, Udumalpet – 1991. In this competitive world those with a post graduation come across with bountiful prospects in the employment market. Accordingly knowing the importance of Post Graduation stream in Commerce – M.Com is also running effectively. The Department to its advantage has a team of well qualified and experienced faculty who not only teach the students but also guide them to get into a better carreer. Adding a feather to the cap, Commerce Department is furthermore offering Research Programmes M.Phil and Ph.D on both Part-time and Full-time basis. As an ever green course it has attracted students from in and around Udumalaipettai. It is worth mentioning that at least 90% of the students who enroll in the commerce stream have moved out only as graduates.

It is remarkable that in each academic year, the department serves the college in spotting itself in the list of rank holders.

No doubt the collective efforts put in by the faculties and the students have ever been proved fruitful.

It is indeed the infrastructure facilities available to the students that has lead a hand to the students to advance themselves and progress in their studies.

Central library of the college has a good number of books and magazines in Commerce subjects along with the department library which has always been a great assistance to the students to step forward in their academics

In today’s world of technology, computer and internet are the need of the hour. They play a crucial role in the employability of the student community. So, we, forever see to it that a well equipped computer labs with high speed internet is provided for the students.

Our Alumni are well placed in various fields and departments as Lawyers, Professor’s, Auditor’s, Bank officials in prominent banks and many MNC’s throughout the country.

Financial support is of a great aid to the students. They are encouraged to “Earn while Learn” by helping them to take part time jobs like,  tuitions to the school students, employing themselves as LIC Agents and the like.

The students emerge as graduates and this is not fulfilled by mere subject knowledge but by the industrial visits, internship training that is followed as per the instructions of the Bharathiar University and the participation of students in seminars and conferences in other institutions. They just do not stop with participation but also organize such events in the department and gain experience for themselves.

Placement Cell